What’s in a promise?

By Patrick Nangle, President and CEO

As a company that helps businesses deliver to their customers, we believe in building relationships between people. Relationships are based on trust and trust is built on a series of experiences.

At the core, great experiences are about promises made and promises kept.

In my experience, companies can build good relationships by following through on promises to one another, whether it is a promise made to a co-worker, a customer or to a supplier.

This is a simple idea that allows companies to look at their world differently, especially in how they serve customers.

With today’s consumers more socially-connected than ever before through online and mobile channels, a single promise,
or experience, is critical for a company to win and retain customers. In this non-stop and always-on marketplace, Purolator is uniquely positioned to help companies deliver on promises, creating the best customer experiences in the industry.

Creating positive, memorable experiences for customers represents a source of differentiation for Purolator in the Canadian courier and logistics market. Our team understands what Canadians want – seamless, behind-the-scenes support – and we’re promising to deliver exactly that.

At Purolator, we know a package is more than a package. It represents a promise that was made by our customer, to their customer, and one that we do everything we can to keep. It’s about building trust.

This fall you will hear more about the importance of delivering promises as we launch the next phase of our Promises Delivered campaign.

We’d love to hear about the promises you make to your valued customers and how you ensure your business delivers on that promise.

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