The holidays can be stressful – returns shouldn’t be

Over the holidays, Purolator expects to move 23 million packages, representing millions of promises made by businesses to their customers. Needless to say, the holidays are a busy time for Canadian businesses, including Purolator. The busy period will continue once the holidays end as the product returns season begins.

Many businesses and consumers are left with unwanted products and gifts after the holidays. Waiting in a long line at the mall to return gifts? Not high on most customers’ list of favourite things to do. Purolator wants to ensure businesses can offer their customers a hassle-free start to 2016 by helping to make the return process as smooth as possible.
We know that many smart businesses are recognizing the need to take control by working with a logistics partner to customize a return strategy that meets customers’ needs.

After the holidays – and throughout the year – we work with our customers to streamline the management of the returns processes. In order to make it as easy as possible, we receive returns at centralized locations where we refurbish, return to supplier, recycle, dispose of, or re-stock for future orders, depending on your needs.

We also understand flexibility is important. One of the challenges associated with returns is not knowing exactly what is going to be returned or when it will show up. Purolator accommodates the ups and downs of businesses’ returns needs.

Returns represent opportunities to connect with buyers through an easy and flexible return process, and can also serve as an early warning sign about potential design flaws. We’re here to help you tap into these benefits by assisting with a well-managed returns strategy.

Product returns is part of the busy holiday season – and we’re here to help make the process easy.

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