Variety is the spice of life

I remember hearing the old adage ‘Variety is the spice of life’ and thinking – of course, life is dull if everything is the same! I love to learn new things, challenge my thinking and sometimes chart new courses based on something I have learned. This is directly related to the great joy I find in the multicultural scope of my interactions and, in turn the diversity of thought and experiences in my circle of friends.


Growing up I had a very diverse group of friends from all corners of the world. We came together out of circumstance and grew close out of appreciation for both our differences and our commonalities. This did not stop when I went off to university. In my first year I lived in a house with nine women, all with heritages from different continents and each with their own nuances of how they saw the world. Did we have challenges? Absolutely. Did we find opportunities to expand our minds and experience new and exciting things as a result of our diversity? Most definitely!

In business there is something to be said for processes and procedures – it gives you the ability to plan and execute in a consistent manner that can be readily quantified and ensures a consistency of experience for one’s customers. Conversely, the beauty of diversity in thought is the sheer volume of innovative ideas that can flourish in a company. This innovative spirit, one that can only be fostered in the right environment, will create the kind of competitive edge that can propel a company forward. With an acceptance of a multicultural environment one also brings more opportunity for divergent thoughts and ideas – the cornerstone for innovation.

Purolator has embarked on an exciting journey as relates to diversity and inclusion, driving an already multicultural organization to increase momentum on this front. Now, there will be challenges along the way, we will see ourselves sometimes disheartened by resistance, failure and sometimes the loss of momentum. This does not mean that we do not embrace the concept of multiculturalism or relegate it to a back bench. It means we push harder to find that sweet spot where diversity in thoughts and experience become a norm that we leverage to the advantage of the business, our customers and ourselves.

How and where do you embrace multiculturalism and its inherent benefits?

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