Pride in our Differences

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, I was reflecting on what we can learn from the history of different cultures regarding the challenges, struggles and major accomplishments that are part of defining us as humans. It is always fascinating when you read about or, better yet, interact and exchange ideas with people of diverse histories and experiences.

I wanted to share with you what diversity and inclusion (D&I) mean to me, why it is important, and as a Canadian company, why we should continue celebrating it.

A couple of decades ago, after researching a few different destinations in the Western world, my wife and I chose Canada for our new home as it felt it aligned the most with our social values, and a destination that had the most openness to new comers irrespective of their origin and background.

Landing in Montreal, then moving to Toronto we were overwhelmed by how much we did not feel like “strangers”. The astonishing reality of the Canadian melting pot is that we are a single clan of people equally embracing our differences. It is a culture that does not require everyone to conform to a set standard, but celebrate our diversity. It is a community where we are curious about what we can learn from each other’s way of life. Having an accent or a different look, did not mean you were not part of this clan, but an interesting member to learn more from.


I can go on for hours giving examples of the Canadian diversity, but nothing sums it better than stating that I have been a proud Canadian for 16 years now.

Throughout my career, I have always strived to engage diversity of thought within every team I worked with. We all think in a unique way, and once we open our minds we can unlock boundless learnings from our differences. One of my accomplishments in Canada, was joining Purolator, a Canadian company that embraces these values deep into our culture.

I have had the opportunity to visit many of our terminals from coast to coast, and collaborated with team members throughout North America. Beyond our collective passion to make Purolator better, I have seen a deep cultural fluency of social leaders who not only embrace but also encourage our diversity.

A couple of years ago, Purolator made a commitment to build on the strength of diversity and inclusion by evolving our employment equity policies. Along this journey we are learning more about the vibrant tapestry of our community, and focusing on opportunities towards enhancing our practices and values. Understanding the mosaic that makes Purolator is important to underline our individual values and unlock the collective of our power. As a team our differences are our strength, let us continue understanding them and celebrating them.

Let us all continue to contribute to what makes Purolator great, to be curious, and most importantly to be proud of our diversity.

Tell me how you celebrate diversity?

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