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Nurturing a lean, continuous improvement culture



By Ken Johnston, Chief Human Resources Officer

I just love this Harvey MacKay quote. It highlights a humorous but legitimate example of the activities we do every day that don’t add value.

In my time at Purolator I’ve been part of a number of discussions about Purolator’s culture. The consistent input I hear from coast to coast is that we have a great culture that revolves around pride – pride in our Canadian identity and pride in providing great customer service every day. This culture gives us a competitive advantage. It is

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Purolator ready to deliver over one million packages on Cyber Monday


If you are a Canadian retailer, you certainly understand why Cyber Monday has become one of Purolator’s busiest shipping dates of the year. As a company that provides shipping and logistics solutions to many Canadian retailers, Purolator has seen first-hand the significant impact of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, for the third consecutive year, Purolator expects to deliver over one million packages on Cyber Monday, marking Nov. 30 as a peak shipping date.

This wasn’t always the case.

The week before Christmas has traditionally

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What’s in a promise?

By Patrick Nangle, President and CEO

As a company that helps businesses deliver to their customers, we believe in building relationships between people. Relationships are based on trust and trust is built on a series of experiences.

At the core, great experiences are about promises made and promises kept.

In my experience, companies can build good relationships by following through on promises to one another, whether it is a promise made to a co-worker, a customer or to a supplier.

This is a simple idea that allows companies to look at their world differently, especially in how they

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