Variety is the spice of life


I remember hearing the old adage ‘Variety is the spice of life’ and thinking – of course, life is dull if everything is the same! I love to learn new things, challenge my thinking and sometimes chart new courses based on something I have learned. This is directly related to the great joy I find in the multicultural scope of my interactions and, in turn the diversity of thought and experiences in my circle of friends.

Growing up I had a very diverse group of friends from all corners of the world. We came together out of circumstance

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Years of looking down


I was working out the other day doing step ups. This is an exercise that I have been doing for the past two years. Starting with no weights and working my way up to what I believe to be more than enough weights. It has been pointed out to me when I work out is that I constantly look down. At every session I am reminded that I need to look up as this will increase the effectiveness of my workout. I can’t. I simply can’t look at myself and watch me as I drive forward, as I improve myself and grow stronger. And this time, at this workout

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A journey of self-worth

Growing up in Canada was a great blessing for me. I had a wonderful childhood, was blessed with parents who infused me with pride and a desire to succeed and challenge myself. My father faced every opportunity with a level of positivity and drive that was unfathomable. My mother, who was much more conservative, forsake some dreams to raise her daughters, challenging us to want more, to strive for more than we were expected to want and to carry ourselves with pride and respect every day. And yet I lacked a sense of self-worth that many to this

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The holidays can be stressful – returns shouldn’t be

Over the holidays, Purolator expects to move 23 million packages, representing millions of promises made by businesses to their customers. Needless to say, the holidays are a busy time for Canadian businesses, including Purolator. The busy period will continue once the holidays end as the product returns season begins.

Many businesses and consumers are left with unwanted products and gifts after the holidays. Waiting in a long line at the mall to return gifts? Not high on most customers’ list of favourite things to do. Purolator wants to ensure

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Purolator ready to deliver over one million packages on Cyber Monday


If you are a Canadian retailer, you certainly understand why Cyber Monday has become one of Purolator’s busiest shipping dates of the year. As a company that provides shipping and logistics solutions to many Canadian retailers, Purolator has seen first-hand the significant impact of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, for the third consecutive year, Purolator expects to deliver over one million packages on Cyber Monday, marking Nov. 30 as a peak shipping date.

This wasn’t always the case.

The week before Christmas has traditionally

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Canadian small businesses fuel our economy


As Small Business Month wraps up, I thought it was important to reflect on the important role small businesses play in Canada.

At Purolator, we know it’s important to honour and recognize the significant contributions small businesses make. Small businesses alone account for 77 per cent of private jobs in our country.
On average, 150,000 new small businesses are created in Canada each year, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

When you look at these stats, it’s clear we need small businesses to grow

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What’s in a promise?

By Patrick Nangle, President and CEO

As a company that helps businesses deliver to their customers, we believe in building relationships between people. Relationships are based on trust and trust is built on a series of experiences.

At the core, great experiences are about promises made and promises kept.

In my experience, companies can build good relationships by following through on promises to one another, whether it is a promise made to a co-worker, a customer or to a supplier.

This is a simple idea that allows companies to look at their world differently, especially in how they

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The best of both worlds: Bringing together the online and in-store shopping experience

By Patrick Nangle, President and CEO

For most students, the summer break can feel too short, but the fall season is a welcomed change for Canadian retailers as parents and students hit the shops – both online and in-store – to buy clothes and supplies to kick-start the upcoming school year. For us at Purolator, the back-to-school season is yet another time during the year when we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our retail partners to ensure warehouses, distribution centres and shelves are stocked with the latest fashions, gadgets and supplies that consumers want.

A trend

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A consensus for change

Climate Summit of the Americas

By Patrick Nangle, President and CEO

On July 8 and 9, at the invitation of Glen Murray, Ontario’s Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, I had the opportunity to speak as a panellist at the Climate Summit of the Americas. Scheduled to take place on the eve of the Toronto Pan Am Games, the Summit attracted hundreds of delegates from subnational jurisdictions across the Americas, such as Canadian provinces and U.S. states. Most people today accept the scientific consensus

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